Thursday, February 10, 2011

I like BIG rings and I cannot lie...

When I was 11, I wore a ring on each finger. Rings were my thing. I had a mood ring from the skating rink, a couple abalone rings from a seashell store at Pier 39, and some other random ones. My grandpa told me that I looked like a hippie. :/

As of late, I am really into obnoxious, gaudy cocktail rings. I think they're fun! The one pictured above was a birthday present I received from my friend Jennifer last month.

And here are some of my favorites:

  • Green ring was on sale at Francesca (I think it was $5 or $6)
  • Pink art deco-ish ring was purchased from a vendor at my school for $11
  • The deer is from a set of H&M rings (got it as a present from my aunts)
  • Pink/Yellow/Brown ring was also purchased at school for $7
  • Big pink ring is from Target
Cocktail rings not only add more flair to an ensemble, but they bring about this childlike sense of trying on your mom's things when you're 5. They're just so HUGE. And they make my hands look kinda small, which I think is nice. :)

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