Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girl Crush: Sara Bareilles

Whenever I think of Sara Bareilles I think, "She NEEDS to be my BFF!!!" Her 2007 debut album Little Voice got me through my first big breakup, and her follow up, Kaleidoscope Heart is getting me through my quarter-life crisis (it's also gotten me through stupid boy issues).

If you catch a live performance of hers, you can see how hilarious she is in between songs, and also, she swears like a goddamn.

And another thing, this bitch has got style.

I'm kind of tie-crazy right now, so here's Sara [above] rocking the menswear look, complete with blazer, bowler cap, and oxfords.

And here's her video for "King of Anything" where she goes from wearing a white button-up and black tie, to a frilly dress and gaudy cocktail ring. <3

[photo and video courtesy of Sara Bareilles]

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