Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hire me!

The other day I attended a career & internship faire. I didn't really think about what kind of companies would be there. I was mostly concerned about 2 things.

1. My resume
2. My outfit

My mom told me to wear a white shirt, black pants and a black jacket. Although I do like black and white ensembles, I think that's a bit boring for a place like a job faire.

Resumes allow people to brag about themselves, but prospective employers at those kinds of shindigs don't see someone's resume first -- they see the person! Shouldn't someone's outfit add a bit of oomf to their overall appearance to make for a good first impression? I think so.

Here's a breakdown of what I wore:
  • White button-up: Target (Converse All-Stars)
  • Vintage tie: Crossroads
  • Cardigan: Gap
  • Pants (not pictured): Target (Merona)
The next time you find yourself at a job faire or job interview, don't be afraid to step outside of the traditional black and white color zone. I even saw some women wearing patterned tops with blazers/cardigans. First impressions are everything. Make sure you make a good one. :)

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